I have forgotten my prepaid card PIN

Ans. simply visit the nearest Mayfresh Mortgage Bank branch to generate a new PIN.

  1. Is there a charge for using my Mayfresh Mortgage Bank prepaid card on another bank’s ATM?

Ans. Yes as required by the regulator.

  1. I can’t remember my PIN, what do I do?

Ans. Please visit the nearest mayfresh Mortgage bank branch for a pin reset.

  1. Do I need to provide a utility bill to open a salary account?

Ans. If the employer’s address is used, the employer’s utility bill is required, if a residential address is used, the residential utility bill will suffice.

  1. Can an expired ID card be used to open an account?

Ans. An expired ID card is unacceptable for account opening.

  1. Can I pay in other bank’s cheque into my savings account?

Ans. Yes, Mayfresh savings accounts with a valid means of ID are enabled to receive other bank cheque to a maximum of N2m.

  1. How long does it take for a cheque deposit to reflect my account?

Ans. For a mayfresh mortgage bank cheque you get the value instantly.

  1. Want to change your account name?

Ans. Please submit the following documents at the nearest Mayfresh Mortgage bank Branch:

  1. Valid ID card
  2. Newspaper publication confirming name change
  3. Court affidavit (Name change due to other reasons)
  4. Marriage certificate (Name change due to marriage)
  5. What is stamp duty?

Ans. Stamp duty is a charge applicable on all deposits of N1, 000 or more made either electronically (fund transfer) or at the teller deposits. This is in compliance with stamp duty Act and federal government regulations Act of 2009, CBN has directed that a stamp duty charge of N50 be paid on every single deposits over N1, 000 either by teller or electronically to federal government by the account holder.

  1. What are the applicable transactions?

Ans. All deposits of N1, 000 or more made either electronically (funds transfer) or at the teller points.

  1. Does the bank make any income on stamp duties?

Ans. No, the bank does not make any income on stamp duties. All fees collected as stamp duties are remitted to CBN.

  1. What do I do if I have spotted a payment transaction I don’t recognise?

Ans. Immediately call our customer contact centre on 08132741771 or 08063457405

  1. What is the opening hour of Mayfresh Mortgage?

Ans. The branches are open from Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm. You can also reach us at any time on our 24/7 Mayfresh Mortgage bank customer service care centre number 08132741771 0r 08063457405

  1. How do I get my account statement?

Ans. This can be done via the Mayfresh Online

  1. How do I retrieve my BVN?

Ans. Dial *565*0# on your registered Mobile number.

  1. Can a temporary Driver’s License be accepted for account opening?

Ans. A temporary driver’s license can be accepted for account opening if it is within the validity period.

  1. I am a salary earner; can I access credit facilities from Mayfresh Mortgage Bank?

Ans. Yes, provided ones salary is domicile with us.

  1. Can entrepreneurs be granted credit facilities?

Ans. Yes provided they have good securities to back up the loans in case of default.

  1. How do I update my account information?

Ans. You may fill the Account information update form. Download, print, from with two passport photograph and a valid ID or visit the nearest Mayfresh Mortgage bank.


  1. Honesty

The quality or state of being truthful; not deceptive

  1. Integrity

Strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct; personal honesty and independence

  1. Sportsmanship

Observing the rules of the game, at Mayfresh, we are both go-getters and go-givers and this we do with  grace.

  1. Respect

To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem

showing respect for oneself, colleagues and customers .

  1. Confidence

Reliance or trust. A feeling of self-assurance


Accounting for one’s actions; dependable

  1. Perseverance

To persist in an idea, purpose or task despite obstacles

  1. Courtesy

Considerate behavior toward others; a polite remark or gesture

  1. Judgment

The ability to make a decision or form an opinion; a decision reached after consideration.