• Co-operative Association driven
  • Maximum accessible loan limit N25,00,000.00
  • Membership of at least 10 persons
  • Repayment tenor: two years (2)
  • Age of participant: not beyond 55 years
  • Interest rate 18%
  • Staged and supervised disbursement
  • Minimum account opening deposit first month salary or N10,000.00 for non salary earners.

  • Can be used to acquire Land.
  • Land serves as collateral to be release in co-operative society‚Äôs name after payment.
  • Counterpart funding 10% of loan amount
  • Employer commitment.


  • Group empowerment through home ownership

  • Collective salary guarantee can access co-operative development loan to build homes after repayment of land acquisition loan.
  • Low Interest rate.
  • Interest Bearing/Counterpart funding.